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Featuring Bonnie Mbuli

Dynamic businesswoman and TV personality, Bonnie Mbuli, proves that no matter how crazy and out of control your schedule may get, you can always spare a moment to step into dreamland. Why wear florals when you could be covered in them instead?

Stylist: Jessica Gaertner
Photographer: Rizqua Barnes
Hair and makeup: Kimlyn Sisaam
Videographer: Luke Geldenhuys

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Bonnie Mbuli has many talents and is a dynamic business woman. She is an acclaimed actress, author of the best seller “Eye Bags and Dimples”, and is also a successful radio and television host. She first began her career in media at the very young age of thirteen and has since gone on to blaze trails as an inspiring role model, inspirational speaker and Fashion Icon. She is even said to possesses a ‘talent reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’ by the New York Times.