I Ain’t Looked Back Since

I Ain’t Looked Back Since

Featuring: Nadia Jaftha

The one and only Nadia Jaftha goes platinum, pink and blonde in this Iggy Azalea inspired shoot. Based on the music video ‘Started’, we covered Nadia in diamonds and designer labels while she effortlessly posed in a luxurious mansion while dipping her fingers in frosted icing and shooting money guns.

Stylist: Jessica Gaertner
Photographer: Rizqua Barnes
Makeup: Lindy Lin

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Nadia Jaftha is 25 years-old and is one of the top social media influencers here in SA. She is recognised for her fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blog: “Birdline Blog”. She is also a musical artist and YouTube star. She has over 313K followers on Instagram and is adored for her honesty and amazing sense of humour that is consistent throughout all of her content.