Life In Plastic

Life In Plastic

(It’s trés fantastic)

Featuring: Ashleigh Herman

Capricorn season has come to a close, but not without celebrating the gorgeous Ashleigh Herman’s birthday with style, glitter and a whole lotta pink.

Let’s face it, most of us girls have never really left the Barbie doll phase behind us – me being a primary example. So playing dress up with Ash and putting her in every shade of my favourite colour and styling her as different genres of Barbie was an absolute dream for me. We created: Rodeo Barbie; Slumber Party Barbie; Roller Rink Barbie; Boujee Barbie and (of course) Party Barbie.

Stylist: Jessica Gaertner
Photographer: Jarryd Visual Studios
Hair and makeup: Rushana Isaacs