Let’s Dance at Dusk

Let’s Dance at Dusk

Featuring Michelle Meyer

One of the best parts about living in Cape Town is that we honestly have some of the best beaches in the entire world. Now that summer is on its way we decided to shoot along the shoreline in Llandudno. However, instead of using the classic sunset light, our photographer, Andrea Katzeff, insisted on waiting for the perfect blue light that comes the second sun goes down. 

Doing this was a challenge because it meant that we had about 15 minutes to shoot all three looks, but we seemed to pull it off pretty well and had fun playing around with prints, palettes and couture. To top it all off, all of the main featured designers were local which made this shoot even more special. 

Stylist: Jessica Gaertner
Photographer: Andréa Katzeff
Hair and makeup: Michelle Meyer
Videographer: Jessica Gaertner

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