My Favourites From New York Fashion Week

My Favourites From New York Fashion Week

by Jessica Gaertner - February 17, 2023
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New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and the start of the new Fall/Winter 2023 collections were showcased. One of my best pass-times is scrolling through Vogue Runway and browsing the latest pieces to have been debuted and picking out my absolute favourites! 

I love seeing the different inspiration and visions that brands have and comparing the collections that are wearable for everyday life, against the more whimsical and creative ones. It is also refreshing to see that almost all shows are officially back to being an in-person experience as opposed to digital ones, and, of course, all of the daring street style choices/statements our favourite celebrities and fashion influencers are wearing. 

As always, there were ample celebrity moments to stun the runway. Beginning with Lindsay Lohan’s siblings walking the runway with her cheering them on in the front row, and finishing off the week with a catwalk cameo from Dominique Jackson for The Blonds’ latest collection. If you want to see more from the latest shows, click here.

Only one week down, which means we still have London, Paris and Milan to go! 😍

Anna Sui

The colours, textures and cuts from this collection are so elegant and classic yet creative. Slip dresses are amazing and I have waaay to many currently in my closet.

Dion Lee

I love how this stays true to Dion Lee’s structured corset aesthetic, but still explores variety with a range of cuts and fabrics.


Bright colours are always a win for me, and the fact that the yellow checkered ensembles scream ‘Clueless’, is just an added bonus.

Alexander Wang


Alaïa will always and forever be one of my favourite brands. I adore the elegance and sophistication that is always explored in so many different ways.

Marine Serre

Thom Browne

Carolina Herrera


Wow. Just wow. Simple and clean-cut with the perfect combination of structure and flow. I usually always pick colourful and eccentric looks to rave about, but this is a simple palette that I just adore.

Puppets and Puppets


This is when you see art and fashion come together seamlessly. The Rodarte fall collection was fun, whimsical and showed a huge amount of variety whilst remaining cohesive.


Christian Cowan

My favourite collections? Hands down Rodarte, Alaïa, Christian Cowan, Anna Sui and Khaite. How about you? x