This Is What You Need To Be Wearing This Winter

This Is What You Need To Be Wearing This Winter

by Nicole Giquel - April 10, 2024
Fashion News

Winter is starting to creep up on us and yes, not everyone is a winter baby. Some of us are going to miss summer and the ease of barely wearing anything. But the frigid conditions do make for some optimal fashion moments. Winter is about layers! Accessorising with scarves, gloves, beanies and so much more. Play with colour. The sky may be grey, but your outfit sure doesn’t need to be! Dopamine dressing is a real thing and when you look good, you feel good. We’re going to share some fashion trends that we think are going to pop off this chilly season because baby, it’s about to get bold outside!

First of all, all black everything is always going to be in style. It looks put together and stylish. It’s also a great base for when you want to accessorise with hats, bags and jewellery. A great way to upgrade your black outfit would be to add some leather. Now we know animal derived leather can be a bit pricey and vegan leather can be a problem for the environment, but this gives you a great excuse to go thrifting and find some amazing leather pieces to add to your wardrobe. But if you’re looking for that pop of colour with your black ensemble in a simple and chic way? Have fun with your nails. They can be one of your cutest accessories.

Matching tracksuits are definitely in and we are running with it once the temperature drops. Minimal effort and maximum cool. Style them with an oversized denim jacket or trench with a pair of sneakers for a daytime look and then a cute pair of heels for the evening. It’s giving athleisure meets 90’s grunge, or if Bella-Hadid-and-Princess-Diana-collided-core. 

Okay, so combat boots are kind of an all year round item to have in your wardrobe, but in winter they provide so much more functionality. Obviously. You’re keeping your feet cozy but also you are creating a well rounded outfit. We’re thinking over-sized jumper, mini skirt with tights and boots. Playing with mixed proportions is iconic and layering is a great way to add to your outfit and create amazing silhouettes while keeping that body heat in. Yes, I’m aware that this isn’t a new trend, but there’s a reason why it’s stuck around for so long. It works!

Don’t shy away from bright colours. The fashion forecast predicts not only pops of colour, but block, clashing colours that somehow just pull the whole thing together. It’s risky, but my best advice? Pinterest. It may seem “old school” to some, but making those boards and seeing what works is a great way to get the right aesthetics you’re going for. 

As mentioned earlier, winter is all about layering. This season, consider reaching for simple slip dresses as your base layer and nail a winter outfit that is chic, cozy, and, best of all, unexpected. Pair it with an oversized cardigan and chunky boots is giving ‘Ballerina Meets The Streets.’

Something else you are guaranteed to see are bodysuits that cover you neck-to-toe. And when I say neck-to-toe, I mean, gloved full length body stockings/suits. Balenciaga was definitely the brand to kick this one off, and Kim Kardashian’s SNL look is the perfect example of being bold with the trend. You can try brave this as a look all on its own, or you could opt for lace instead of spandex and use it to layer and style your winter wardrobe in a fresh, chic way.