My Handbag Beauty Essentials

My Handbag Beauty Essentials

by Jessica Gaertner - October 10, 2019
Fashion News

Now that I’ve introduced beauty to the Style Authority brand, I thought some cute flatlays that are Pinterest worthy would be a good idea to show you what my handbag beauty essentials are. Please note that some of these items may appear a little worse for wear because, believe it or not, I actually keep them in my handbag on a daily basis. 

First of all M.A.C. Cosmetics products are a must. Their strobe cream is incredible. It is a moisturiser that boosts the look of dull skin and luminizes with iridescent particles. This little 30ml is the perfect travel size and is the perfect pick me up for when I’m on the go. 

Having a concealer you trust is everything and this little 24 hour coverage, smooth wear one is my personal favourite. I love topping it all off with a quick mist of Fix+ setting spray for hydration and a healthy finish. 

Okay so this Nu Skin NaPCA moisture may not be in the most convenient bottle, but it is so worth keeping on hand. Especially with summer knocking at our doors! This product helps maintain ideal moisture levels and is suitable for face, hair and body. 

My go-to mascara is Marc Jacobs. Why? It keeps my lashes looking natural while adding length. It doesn’t clump at all and lasts all day long. In addition, this Marc Jacobs lip gloss is the perfect shade for a minimalist, neutral look. Plus, it smells so good you’ll be tempted to eat it!

Hands down my favourite hand cream! LA CRÈME MAIN by Chanel is a complete care product for hands and nails that moisturises, smoothes and brightens skin. Its addictive and melt-away texture is quickly absorbed by the skin after application. Hands are perfectly nourished, continuously moisturised and delicately scented.

Then, I am sure you have seen this incredible product once or twice while scrolling through your Instagram feed: Nu Colour® Lip Plumping Balm. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out. This lightweight, moisturising balm gives me plumper looking lips. It glides on smoothly with a refreshing sensation. My lips instantly come alive with more softness and a hint of colour.

Now when it comes to my brows, I am not one for anything too intense. ‘Gimme Brow’ is the perfect fit for me because it volumises, tints and tames my brows with a natural looking finish. 

Let’s not forget about the hair! Multi-award-winning Moroccanoil Hair Treatment is adored by stylists and users across the globe. This fabulous hair oil treatment is infused with argan oil, which is famous for its hydrating and nourishing properties. It also contains an array of vitamins that make my hair ultra-soft, silky and hydrated and can be used as a conditioner or hair finisher.

Then my choice of comb, which most will find really weird, is one you’ll find at your pharmacy in the lice section. Just hear me out. It’s small (i.e. the ultimate travel size), and the comb is so fine that it is great for quick touch ups and achieving the perfect snatched ponytail. 

Then, not a beauty item, but what should be in every woman’s handbag: Mace. Get this adorable mini size from Cape Union Mart. It is even disguised as an adorable beauty product!