Paris Haute Couture Week 2022

Paris Haute Couture Week 2022

by Jessica Gaertner - January 28, 2022
Fashion News, International Fashion

Paris Haute Couture Week has officially come to a close and the runway shows that took place were nothing short of sensational. Couture weeks are always a favourite of mine because it is a chance for designers to go all out and truly show off their creative flare. 

Below are some of the fashion houses that created incredible collections for the season.

Jean Paul Gaultier

A brand known for its appreciation and exploration of the female form. This collection focuses on enhancing women’s hips, curves and embracing the drama that those natural shapes create. Staying true to brand, this couture collection captures and celebrates the goddess and diva-like qualities that are women. 


A summery collection with a slight 20s spin, that plays with feathers and fringe. The classic tweed skirts that Chanel is famously known for has a twist this season, and incorporates skirts that don’t wrap all the way around in order to reveal a lace or feathered dress underneath. The overall feeling seems to scream Gatsby and the finishing touch of the final look riding down the runway on a horse was the perfect cherry-on-top!

Alexis Mabille

Giambattista Valli

Another flawless expression of romanticism in fashion. This brand loves playing with unpredictable volumes and eccentricity whilst managing to maintain a very cohesive feel that always exhibits frills, femininity and sexiness with ease. 


This has to be one of the most talked about shows this past week. The fashion house made a powerful statement and said no more to only using waify girls to walk the runway. Valentino decided to change the values of couture while still embracing the code of what it is at the core. Instead of using just one model to ‘break the mould’ as so many labels do, the show had 10 house/lifestyle models, all with different proportions, to walk the show.

“The idea of haute couture was always to adapt silhouettes to the client’s body. But those silhouettes are typically dreamt up, fitted and realised on a tall, slim and young physique.” – Anders Madsen


Kim Jones created an intergalactic sci-fi atmosphere for this collection, which stayed true to the sense of extravagance that the Fendi brand loves to exude. Models walked amongst clouds of smoke on the spaceship-like catwalk, dressed in fashion that was inspired by not only space, astrology and heaven, but also intertwined with the time-transcendence embodied by Rome. 

Ronald van der Kemp


Schiaparelli will forever be one of my most anticipated collections during couture week! The creativity and soul that goes into each and every look is astonishing and I am so grateful to have assisted on one of their campaigns in the past.

Christian Dior

This Haute Couture collection was said to be an investment in human connection rather than binding itself to any direct references or themes. The pieces were hand-crafted and uniquely constructed by a group of experts working together, and that togetherness is what this runway show was based on. It was created to break away from the idea that intricate elements, such as embroidery or immaculate finishes are solely there to be decorative. This collection celebrated these elements as being part of the design process.