The Prada F/W 2019 Collection Is Now Available in Sandton

The Prada F/W 2019 Collection Is Now Available in Sandton

by Jessica Gaertner - July 29, 2019
Fashion News

For all you Prada admirers out there – their fall/winter 2019 collection is officially available in their Sandton City store. The gorgeous selection varies from evening to daywear and exudes an unparalleled amount of passion and love in every piece. From rouging to florals, this collection can only be described as the epitome of romance. 

Romance. The Romantic. Romance as a literary and artistic pursuit, and romance as a human experience. Both place an emphasis on emotion and individualism, on feeling, a reaction against the rational. A tension, between nature and civilisation.

“Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor in exact truth, but in a way of feeling.” Charles Baudelaire

Prada interplays with combinations of materials and approaches, both natural and man-made. The overall result conveying a suggestion of two lovers meeting, two halves to a whole. Prada perceives romance as a multi-faceted, complex expression. Romance is a feeling, a movement, a genre and a quality that can be translated in an infinite number of ways, and this collection flirts with every aspect that it has to offer. 

Romance can be both dark and light, both experimental and safe. This collection is a reaction to and reflection of humanity, of our strengths and fragilities. The sentiment of contemporary romance encompasses the fantastical as alternate to reality, a dream to be lived. A hopeless romantic, a romantic outlook – a fairy-tale with a happy ending. Romance can be an antidote to the harshness of our times. 

Please note that while some pieces from the F/W 2019 collection have arrived in store, Prada is still awaiting some. Please contact Prada in Sandton City on 011 326 7517 if you have any queries before visiting.