Most Racially Diverse Fashion Week In History

The Most Racially Diverse Fashion Week In History

by Jessica Gaertner - April 1, 2019
Fashion News

It’s about time casting directors stopped classifying themselves as ‘diverse’ just because they have sent one non-white model down each and every runway. The fashion community is so proud to announce that this past AW 2019 showcase has officially, and finally, stepped up their game and practiced what they preach. 


No less than nine out of the ten most booked models this past season were women of colour and it is so refreshing to see. 


To quote W magazine: ‘it may have also been the first time the industry seemed to understand diversity as a concept, rather than a buzzword’.


The only downside to this remarkable advance in the fashion industry is that they may have taken one step forward in one aspect, but a few steps back in another. Unfortunately, the progress in representing transgender, non-binary and plus-size models took a backslide since the Spring/Summer 2019 showcase a few months back. 


While we can be thankful it wasn’t by all that much, we are also keeping our fingers crossed that this was a once off and that we will be back track to represent absolutely everyone when the next fashion season hits.