SA Fashion Week: Day One

SA Fashion Week: Day One

by Jessica Gaertner - April 4, 2019
Local Fashion

Taking you all the way to the rooftops of Sandton City. The first day of Fashion Week did not disappoint.

The designers to kick-off and debut at the biannual event were none other than: Amanda Laird Cherry, Clive Rundle, Helen Melon, Lunar and Mantsho. And needless to say, we captured every second of it.

Models and local celebrities were dressed to the nines and the media was in an absolute frenzy. Everyone who is anyone was there and the luxury fashion was on another level.

Adorable socialites at the event also proved you can never be too young to start dressing like royalty, and that Chanel is (and always will be) a timeless must-have for any girl, no matter her age.

Everywhere you looked was Instagram worthy. Whether it was neon lights, fashionable shades or bold animal prints, you were sure to snap some amazing content.

There is no telling what’s in store for day two, except for the fact that it will be even more over-the-top, elite and luxurious.