Stay Safe. Stay Cute.

Stay Safe. Stay Cute.

by Jessica Gaertner - September 10, 2020
Fashion News

It has been so much fun putting together little press gifts for a few of the lovely ladies that have been a part of helping Style Authority grow and flourish along the way. Each little white and gold accented box was filled with flowers, one of my “puffer jacket” inspired masks, ice cream flavoured cookies (that not only have my logo on them, but also a little reminder to stay both cute and safe during these crazy times), and lastly two MAC mini lipsticks – because lets face it. You cant keep that mask on aaaalllll the time.

Made with love for Natalie Williams
Made with love for Melissa Magiera

My masks come in four colours – neon orange, lime, silver and black. They are finessed with accessory cord and toggles so that you can adjust it around your ears to make it fit perfectly. There is mouldable wiring along the lining at the top so that you can shape it to your face and avoid the annoying “mask slip” every time you yawn. Then lastly, I made sure to add an air filter so that it makes breathing a little more comfortable. You can find them on my brand new shopping page!

Made with love for Mieke Visser
Made with love for Ashher

If you care to explore my products, you’ll see that I am not only selling masks, but I have also created an “Other” section. Here I will be selling one-of-a-kind pieces that were especially made for some of your favourite local celebrities and influencers for a few of my photoshoots. So far, Nadia Jaftha’s, Odette Gomes bodysuit and Ashher’s Lola Romon ostrich feather bralette have become available – so don’t miss out! These pieces have been made by local luxe designers and have only been worn once on set. 

In addition, if you happen to browse my ‘Styling’ page and see a custom look that was made up that you think might just be a best seller – send me a message via my contact page! I would love to hear as many ideas from you guys as possible, and I am always looking for new and exciting products to add to my page. Xx