The Best Fashion From Coachella 2023

The Best Fashion From Coachella 2023

by Nicole Giquel - April 20, 2023
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So, if you haven’t been seeing dozens of Coachella posts on your feed this past week… I’d love to know about the fabulous rock you’ve been living under. It is no doubt one of the biggest music festivals to date, and provokes some of the most insane looks from all of the important people you follow on your social media. From effortless (think Hailey Bieber) to over-the-top (Saweetie), Coachella fashion has it all. But before we talk about the juicy outfits we have been drooling over at this year’s Coachella, let’s go down memory lane back to where it all began.

It’s 1999, in the town of Indio, California. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has just reared its little head onto the scene with aspirations to be the antithesis of Woodstock: affordable, peaceful and filled with humble music fans. Rage Against The Machine is about to headline with Beck and you are prepared along with over 25 000 more festival goers, for a 2 day long artsy musical journey. Sounds amazing, right? Well the organizers thought so too, but having the infamous Woodstock ’99 happen just months before (if you know, you know), it turned out not to be the case. Coachella hardly made any profit that year and took a break the following year so they could come back even stronger the next.

Fast forward 24 years and you’ve got Bad Bunny making history as the first Spanish-language to headline, Kendall Jenner in the crowd supporting her new beau and the polarizing trends that have now been defined by Coachella (you know, cowboy boots, big belts and distressed denim).

Kendall Jenner

Fashion now plays a substantial part of the festival and you are lying if you have not been sitting behind your screen watching your favourite influencers documenting their fits for this past 2023 edition. So we have decided to show you the ones that have given us life this past month, the gusto to dress to impress and downright just made our jaws drop to our cowboy boots… So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by the outfits we’ve seen this year. Yeehaw!

Jenna Ortega

Super model Leonie Hanne also looked absolutely phenomenal in every single one of her festival ensembles.

Even one of Style Authority’s absolute favourite models, Mieke Visser, looked absolutely gorgeous!

Charlotte Coquelin & Mieke Visser