The Must-Follow Experts of Dopamine Dressing

The Must-Follow Experts of Dopamine Dressing

by Jessica Gaertner - November 11, 2022
Fashion News

The dopamine dressing trend is exactly what it sounds like – choosing to wear outfits that make you happy. This may seem like a pretty standard thing to do, but to be honest, since the pandemic, a lot of us have fallen into the ‘whatever’s-easiest’ trap. Booties got replaced with slippers, jeans were switched out for pyjamas, and hair brushes became a once every two or three day necessity. Yes, we have somewhat returned to normal, but those habits are comfy and hard to break – especially when working from home has become the new normal! 

I am most definitely guilty of finding items that don’t require much ironing; shoes that slip on instead of lace/buckle up; and throwing my hair back in a bun when I’m in a rush. 

However, when looking for outfit inspiration, I am always drawn to the most creative and stand-out fashionistas on social media, and it often gives me a good kick in the butt to make some effort. I ALWAYS find, that when I do go the extra mile, my confidence is higher, my mood is better and I have much more spring in my step. It is amazing what dressing can do for your lifestyle as a whole. When your energy is up, productivity and motivation soar as well. 

So here are my top five fashion influencers on Instagram that remind me to wake up a few minutes earlier and put in some time. 

  1. Marta Sierra

Marta’s looks are literally the definition of ‘fun’. Her reels are mesmerising and I often end up scrolling through her feed waaaay longer than intended. 

2. Victoria Magrath

Previously known as ‘InTheFrow’, Victoria is the perfect example of how quick and simple it can be to put together a phenomenal outfit that makes you feel both chic and expensive. 

3. Big Bad Wolf

Local is lekker! I love being inspired by South African fashionistas and @bigbadwolf_sa is a must follow if you are wanting tips and tricks on how to dress. 

4. Leonie Hanne

Glitz and glam at its absolute finest. Leonie’s fashion content will make you want to turn every night of the week into a special occasion. 

5. Style Me Curvy

Louise O’Reilly has truly created something special. I myself am not your typical model size, so I understand how frustrating it can get when influencers show you adorable outfits that consist of crops, cut-out details, or don’t cover your ass. Although everyone should feel comfortable dressing however they like, not all of us have that kind of confidence, so I love seeing a great fashion blog that is inclusive, creative and loud.