Top Models Uplifting The LGBTQ+ Representation in Fashion

Top Models Uplifting The LGBTQ+ Representation in Fashion

by Jessica Gaertner - March 10, 2023
Fashion News

1. Hunter Schafer

Hunter is a transgender, American fashion model and actress. She is currently best known for her role as ‘Jules’ in the hit tv show, Euphoria, but has also just officially been signed as the new face of Prada. She is a LGBTQ rights activist and has openly spoken up about her own experiences as a transgender woman in the spotlight. Hunter has walked for many iconic fashion houses – including, Dior, Miu Miu, Vera Wang and more. She is taking the fashion world by storm and is becoming a role model for the younger generation. 

2. Jari Jones

Jari Jones has become a prominent and influential creative within the queer community and is said to be ‘fuelling the fight for equality and justice’ for black transgender women to be uplifted and respected within not only the fashion community, but society as a whole. The spotlight on Jari became all the more bright, when she appeared on a huge billboard for Calvin Klein’s 2020 Pride Campaign. 

3. Valentina Sampaio

Valentina is a stunning Brazilian model and actress that took the fashion world by storm and uplifted the LGBTQ community within the industry when she became the first openly transgender model for, not only Victoria’s Secret, but for an issue of Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit as well. 

4. Laith Ashley

Laith is a model, actor and singer/songwriter. He is an activist within the LGBTQ community and was the very first transgender Pit Crew member on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’; the first transgender male model to appear in both British GQ and British Vogue; as well as the first to lead major fashion campaigns for Barneys and Diesel. His next stop is said to be Hollywood, so keep an eye out for this up-and-comer. 

5. Andreja Pejic

Andreja’s career has recently taken a turn. The once A-lister model has shown that she can do so much more than simply grace the runway with her striking facial features and slender physique. She has recently changed her look from ‘bombshell blond’ to being an edgy brunette, and has chosen to pursue her career on the big screen. She is seldomly spotted walking the red carpet of Hollywood events these days, but it is inspiring to watch her adapt and change as she progresses in her career.

6. Teddy Quinlivan

Teddy is a model that I have been lucky enough to work with whilst assisting on a shoot in Vogue House in Mayfair, London. She is edgy, sexy and dynamic and was actually discovered by Nicolas Ghesquière -Louis Vuitton’s creative director. She has walked major runways, been featured in top brand campaigns around the globe and has worked with the best creative teams on the planet.

7. Leyna Bloom

Activist, dancer, actress and model. There is nothing out there this woman can’t do. She has been described as a “trailblazer for transgender women in the entertainment and fashion industries,” and has been featured time and time again in the most popular magazines out there, such as Vogue and Sports Illustrated. She’s a goddess that oozes power and is proud to flaunt her sexuality.

8. Arizona Muse

A model with a voice. Muse’s latest headlines were made when she spoke about the issue of greenwashing in the fashion industry. What is greenwashing you may ask? Arizona describes it as “anything that is promoting something that you have not yet done.” She has accused many fashion brands of being guilty of this and encourages the community to rather brag about good they have done for the planet, industry and environment rather than bragging promising of what they aim to do in the future.

9. Stella Maxwell

Maxwell describes herself as ‘sexually fluid,’ and came out as openly queer several years ago. She is one of the most famous supermodels in the world, best known as being one of Victoria’s Secret’s angels. She has a big platform and a big voice and is confident in her choices and true to herself.

10. Munroe Bergdorf

This icon has just released her latest book, ‘Transitional,’ and I was lucky enough to be on set and assist on the cover shoot for this exciting new project. The content is inspirational and a true testimony of how standing up for yourself and what you believe in, can provoke drastic change.