Bragga X Reebok SA #WeBragDifferent

Bragga X Reebok SA #WeBragDifferent

by Jessica Gaertner - August 1, 2019
Fashion News

One of our country’s most loved rappers, singers and song writers, Nadia Nakai (A.K.A Bragga), is officially the new face of Reebok South Africa. The artist is said to embody the boldness of the brand with her colourful and courageous attitude. 

“Nadia’s edginess and individuality clearly defines the attributes of what Reebok personifies – a brand that is not afraid to exceed the boundaries of innovation and challenge the norms. Through physical activity or fitness we have the power to change people’s lives and we are delighted about this association with the hip hop queen in order to tell this positive narrative.” – PJ Morilly, Brand Director Reebok South Africa

Over the past few years, Nadia has been focussed on her health and fitness which is just another one of the many reasons as to why she is perfectly aligned with the Reebok label, as the brand’s main goal is to be the leading fitness brand across the globe. 

Nakai is also perfect for the brand as she understands the importance of trendy apparel. She has recently launched her own activewear line and strongly believes that working out in style contributes greatly towards building both motivation and confidence. 

“I can’t imagine a better partner to join me on this journey than Reebok, I feel extremely excited and blessed to have partnered with a brand that truly acknowledges the individuality that we as artists want to exude, and the fashion forward trends are exactly the style cues that I enjoy and believe represent my personality and outlook on life.” – Nadia 

A fitness focussed lifestyle is something a lot of people struggle to maintain and Nadia can relate. She has not always had a passion for fitness but has slowly but surely grown to love it and now incorporates it into her everyday life – her workout of choice being boxing. 

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