Celebrate Women’s Month with #PandoraReflections

Celebrate Women’s Month with #PandoraReflections

by Jessica Gaertner - August 6, 2019
Fashion News

In celebration of Women’s Month, Pandora has announced their new additions to the #PandoraReflections collection: Pandora Reflexions Alphabet.

Pandora Reflexions is about individuality, personalisation and self-expression. This season, women can reflect their style and identity by wearing the letters and initials that are special to them. 

Sterling silver charms from A-Z are a personal and visual language for women to reflect their unique style identity, by wearing their initials or those of someone, somewhere or something they love. A woman’s personality and style are what make her special, and every woman can mirror a new facet of herself and create jewellery that’s all her. 

This season’s collection continues the conversation of Pandora Reflexions; reimagining Renaissance inspiration – an age that transformed the role of women – for a new generation of women to reflect their creativity and personality, as well as draw inspiration from one another. 

“Women can enjoy the endless possibility of self- expression, which evolves with them whenever they decide.” – Pandora VP Creative Directors

Style and character on the outside stem from how you carry yourself on the inside. Women can bring their emotional confidence and identity to the surface in countless new ways, on Pandora Reflexions bracelets. 

“The idea is to play with a modern concept of identity – a style ID: initials, nicknames, names of people you love, a reference to the world that you’re a part of, etc.” – Pandora VP Creative Directors

The mirror-image letters A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W X and Y are reversible, for an extra spin on personalisation. Flip them to show the grooved design lines or the polished metal side. The hand-finished charms clip onto Pandora Reflexions bracelets ready to wear in countless combinations, and perfect for copy-pasting inspirational moments. 

The collection possesses both strong single-tone stylings and eye-catching two-tone mixes. This gives every woman the opportunity to feel inspired and show different sides of herself.