Why The Disco Fashion Era Is Infinite

Why The Disco Fashion Era Is Infinite

by Nicole Giquel - February 10, 2023
Fashion News

Disco has been a part of the music, fashion and pop culture landscape for decades. Peeking its bright and feisty head out around the 70’s, the genre has been embraced by millions of fans around the world. It has been a source of inspiration for countless fashion designers, and its influence in artists we know and love, like Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Cher and Mick Jagger.

The underground Gay clubs would be a safe haven for both men and woman to enjoy the music they loved, dance freely amongst people that were full of passion and colour and to share the same notion of wanting to be seen as an individual… and also in sequins and glitter. It is said that the gay subculture during these times was actually the birthplace of Disco and honestly, you don’t have to try and convince me otherwise!

The fashion of the disco era consisted of bright colours, flashy prints and bold patterns. Platform shoes, jumpsuits, and sequined outfits were all staples of the look. Think tight-fitting clothes with bright makeup for the ladies, while men were adorned in wide-legged trousers and colourful shirts that we dare call “kitsch” today.

Many of today’s trends and runway collections have been inspired by the genre, and it’s not uncommon to see flared pants, shiny fabrics, crop tops, mini dresses, crystals, vivid colours, fringes, jumpsuits or lycra. Some of the many elements that make up this trend are often seen on the red carpet and in fashion editorials all over the world.

Disco may have faded from the mainstream for some, but its influence can still be seen in today’s music and fashion. It is an iconic sense of style that has been embraced by generations of fans, and its legacy will continue to live on for many years to come. 

It may be time to take a dive into our grandparents’ closets to explore some of the stepping stones of fashion and become the Dancing Queen (or King) you’ve always wanted to be.