Style Authority is Back

Style Authority is Back

by Jessica Gaertner - September 7, 2020
Fashion News

Its official – Style Authority is back! I took a short break for personal reasons, but am now back with fresh content; a shopping page; and a brand new (and slightly updated version) of my ebook which will be launched next week. 

I am changing up my blog content to be more about my personal experiences in the industry, as that is what the majority of my followers want to hear about. I will of course still be touching on trends and fashion/beauty newsworthy topics, but I have been blessed to have worked across the globe with A-List celebrities, top designers and amazing publications and would love to revolve my blog content more around that. 

Not only can you find my new range of ‘puffer-jacket inspired’ face masks on my shopping page, but I will also be selling some designer pieces from my photoshoots that were bought or custom-made for some of your favourite local influencers and celebrities

Style Authority has also been known to have some unbelievable giveaways. These are some of the incredible prizes our winners have won (just in case they slipped your mind): A R46 000 custom-made wedding dress designed and created by Gert-Johan Coetzee; a Versace shirt valued at R10 000; Gucci hosiery; benefit hampers valued over R2000; a custom-made lingerie set by Ash Jackson; Melted Butter wigs; and Kirsten Goss jewellery. So please be sure to follow my instagram page and stay tuned for any competitions that are sure to be heading your way soon. 

Let’s face it 2020 has been a year from the demonic, so hopefully my posts and fashion/beauty inspo will be able to add a little light and happiness to your days. I hope you love my content and please always feel free to give me as much feedback as possible via my contact page. I care a lot about what you think and want to make sure your experience is as amazing as possible. Xx