Have You Seen This CHNGE Beauty Campaign Yet?

Have You Seen This CHNGE Beauty Campaign Yet?

by Jessica Gaertner - January 29, 2020
Fashion News

I came across this 2019 campaign by CHNGE again this week and I just love it so much I had to post about it.

This series that normalises and accepts people with skin conditions for who they are and their own individual beauty was shot by the talented Peter DeVito, who he himself suffered from acne most of his life.

I find it is so stunningly beautiful, raw and real. All day long we are all bombarded by makeup tutorials, beauty hacks and contouring techniques that will make us look thinner and more ‘defined.’

Yes, I am definitely a makeup and cosmetics lover – it makes me feel gorgeous and confident and I think it can be an amazing way to boost ones confidence and be a phenomenal form of self-expression. However, I also feel that it is such a shame we don’t always praise bare, natural skin the same way. The images from this CHNGE campaign are so unbelievably striking and beautiful, yet the reason it’s talked about so much is because the models dare not to cover their skin pigmentations. It stands out because the featured faces are completely untouched. How bizarre it is to think that these days, showing people what you actually look like is newsworthy and so uncommon that people can build campaigns around it. 

Recently while working on a week long shoot and having multiple 5AM call times in a row (no, I am not a morning person) I was arriving at work with my natural, freshly showered face with not an ounce of makeup. I often do this as I am not phased about being seen in public without it. However, there was a comment from one of the girls on set that really stuck with me. What she said went something along these lines: “I wish I went some days without wearing makeup like you. I never go without it and I wear it so much that people always ask me if I’m sick when I don’t have any on. But for you, people often see you without makeup, so to them you look fine and when you decide to wear it you look amazing.”

People always go on and on about how being unique is something to admire and appreciate, yet somehow it does not often reflect that way on social media or in real life.