Schiaparelli’s New Collection Deemed Controversial

Schiaparelli’s New Collection Deemed Controversial

by Nicole Giquel - January 24, 2023
Fashion News, International Fashion

At the recent Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner sparked an internet uproar when she arrived fashionably late in her dress designed by the iconic Italian fashion house, Schiaparelli, where they would be releasing its controversial faux fur collection. The collection was met with a mix of both admiration and criticism from the fashion world. 

On one hand, the collection was praised for its boldness and creativity. The faux fur pieces were crafted from a unique blend of materials, including recycled plastic and organic cotton. The bright colors and textures of the faux fur gave the pieces a modern, futuristic feel. The collection was praised for its commitment to sustainability and its ability to create stylish, luxurious pieces without harming animals or the environment. 

The show received a lot of attention from both fashion insiders and the general public alike. While some praised Roseberry’s creativity and bravery for making such a statement, others were appalled by the use of animal heads and the implications of the show. Critics argued that the use of animal heads was disrespectful to the animals and that it was an inappropriate way to make a statement about environmental protection. Many argued that Schiaparelli was exploiting the issue of animal cruelty for commercial gain. They argued that the company was using the faux fur collection to make money off of animal cruelty, rather than using its influence to promote animal welfare. Furthermore, some argued that the collection was too expensive for most people to afford and that it was therefore inaccessible to the average consumer. 

Despite the controversy, the collection was a success and a testament to the power of fashion to make a statement which leaves us asking the question, will we see more faux fur in 2023 and are you going to be the one wearing it? 

Take a look at some ‘not-quite-so-controversial’ pieces from Schiaparelli’s SS23 couture collection (that are simply breathtaking) below: