Turning Gigi Hadid into a Bunny

Turning Gigi Hadid into a Bunny

by Jessica Gaertner - January 5, 2021
International Fashion

To celebrate the LOVE magazine’s 20th issue back in 2018, I assisted on organising a bunny rabbit inspired shoot with the lovely Gigi Hadid. Doing this was a challenge because the shoot was taking place in New York and we were planning it all the way from London. This meant that the usual rushed sourcing mayhem was doubled! However, regardless of the added pressure, it was an amazing shoot to be a part of and it was a new and interesting experience to help plan a shoot all the way from another country. 

The shoot was styled by LOVE’s editor-in-chief at the time, Katie Grand, and was titled: ‘The Golden Hare”. Even though I was unable to be on set with Gigi for this one, I was still so ecstatic to be  involved in my favourite part – the fashion. We sourced so many pieces from some of my favourite luxury labels. From Prada, Atsuko Kudo, Bottega Veneta to Gucci, Balenciaga and Calvin Klein. It felt like heaven (well… if heaven involved crazy work hours and minimal sleep). 

One of my favourite LOVE covers ever came out of this photoshoot – a demonic Gigi Hadid rabbit that looked as though it had rabies, holding a concerned puppy dog. As a horror fan I thought it was brilliant, however for those who find it a little disturbing, just know that Gigi was laughing behind that creepy, halloween mask when this photo was taken. 

It seems to me like animal ears are never going to go out of style, and I’m all for it. What do you think? Is it cute or super cheesy? Xx